About Us

Marzipan Café and Bakery opened its first café on a shaded street in central Bangalore in 2015 by a young and talented Greek home-cook. Kiki Petriti Prabhu soon made it the quintessential lunch and coffee place to go to for not just the office goers in and around Ulsoor but also the residents, students and even pets!

The Greek cuisine, fresh bakery, open library, companionable staff, and turquoise blue & white décor are just the few things that we’re adored for.


Our Services


We caters to events of all sizes and sort. Get in touch with our team so we can customize a menu of appetizers, main-course, dessert and more.


We also host your events at the café and ensure that the team works to give you and your guests a delightful experience.

Order Online

If you’re not looking for any customized options, you can always go through our online store that carries seasonal treats for you to order.


Our Team

Kiki Petriti Prabhu

Anyone who has ever attended even the simplest dinner that is hosted by Kiki knows that her tables are laden with the most delicious foods that taste and look grand and effortless at the same time. Self-taught and the owner of an enviable collection of food books, Kiki has travelled the world and knows her flavors well and what she brings into the kitchens of Marzipan’s restaurant reflect just that.

Umme Ahmed

An undergraduate who decided she didn’t like her corporate job, left that to pursue her love for bakery. From catering desserts at small parties from her home to expertly designing the cakes at Marzipan alongside managing its operations, Umme has come a long way. The patrons love her bubbly energy around the restaurant and her rustic recipes compel them to return regularly.

Manoj Behera

Rightly finicky about quality and freshness, Manoj turns the Marzipan Bakery into his personal laboratory at times for he takes great pleasure in enthusiastically experimenting with ingredients, flavors and styles. He also mentors all the apprentices and turns them into talented members of our team.